We are situated in the beautiful rural Estate village of Wentworth in South Yorkshire, home to Wentworth Woodhouse, the.historic seat of the Fitzwilliam family, which with its 600ft frontage is the largest of any house in England and is truly South Yorkshire’s best kept secret. 

Wentworth was once again thrust into the public eye when Catherine Bailey released her recent best selling book, ‘Black Diamonds – The Rise and Fall of an English Dynasty’, which centres around the Fitzwilliam family and their lifelong association with what is surely England’s grandest country house

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Although Wentworth Woodhouse is the dominant feature of the local area, Wentworth village itself is a beautiful example of a traditional estate village which has remained largely unchanged for centuries.

In and around the village are a large number of ‘follies’, buildings of a more or less purely decorative nature. There are principally four great ones, Hoober Stand, Keppel’s Column, The Needles Eye and The Mausoleum together with at least a dozen others of only slightly less importance.

Wentworth is a living, working community and boasts two beautiful churches, charming cottages, working farms, two well patronised country inns, several shops and craft businesses (in addition to the garden centre) and is deservedly a very popular local visitor and tourist attraction.

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We are not a member of any buying group or garden centre chain. We are a long standing, family owned independent and as such care passionately about our customers and their satisfaction. It's a policy that has seen the centre evolve from a tiny village operation into one of the largest garden centres in Yorkshire today.

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